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EmJae is an ultra-talented fifteen-year-old R&B/Pop artist hailing from the musically renowned San Francisco Bay Area.

This young, beautiful and gifted Filipina/African American Artist has been performing since age five. From hip hop dance to cheer to music to celebrating her culture, EmJae has performed in front of thousands of people over the past decade. She is also an evolving talent on both the keys and the strings.

Although just scratching the surface as a recording artist, singing has been a passion as far back as she can remember. EmJae has a natural talent for song writing, understanding melodies and harmonies and is extremely eclectic. If you ask anyone who knows her, they’ll tell you she is an “Old Soul.” She is influenced mostly by 70s, 80s and 90s R&B, specifically very deep, meaningful and well written pieces.

The musical gene is no fluke. It’s in her blood. EmJae literally grew up in the recording studio. Her father co-owned and operated an independent Hip Hop label for nearly a decade and released or executive produced more than a dozen projects. Her mother is an accomplished singer/songwriter/performer who has appeared on several projects over the years. EmJae credits her mother for her love of singing.

Listening to EmJae's sound, her message is extremely clear. She is all about positivity and self-empowerment. She simply wants people to have a good time and catch a chill vibe when enjoying her music. She truly strives to keep her music age appropriate and is looking to reach the younger generation while still appealing to music lovers of all ages. Her hope is to balance out some of the negativity in music today while paying homage to the old school that has so heavily influenced her.

EmJae is extremely proud of her multicultural heritage. Her Maternal Grandmother is from the Bicol Region of the Philippines. Her Maternal Grandfather, a retired Naval Officer from St. Louis, MO, is African-American, and her Paternal Grandparents are of Dutch and German descent. EmJae has learned a great deal about the Filipino culture from her grandmother and has truly come to embrace it. She is a member of Fil-Am and has performed at many local Filipino Celebrations showing her Pinay Pride.  Her goal is to become fluent in Tagalog. She also celebrates her African-American heritage as a part of BSU (Black Student Union) and embodies the culture through her music. EmJae is a proud Mestiza.

At a very young age, EmJae has developed a keen interest in philanthropy and community service. She spends countless hours volunteering to assist special needs and elementary age students. She is also a part of the “Dream Team” at Fellowship Church where she mentors young children ages five and under while their parents attend service. She is heavily involved in her parents’ homeless ministry, providing food and clothing directly to the local homeless population.

Although her catalog is a small one, EmJae is no doubt a talent on the rise. Only a freshman in high school, her musical journey has truly just begun. We can only imagine what this emerging star will have to say through her music as she continues to evolve as a young woman and continues to experience all that life has to offer. Through her various passions and endeavors, she’ll have plenty to draw from.


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